About Us

Our Mission

We’ve created this space because we’ve seen the first hand the great benefit yoga 
and other healing modalities like qigong, tai chi, meditation -- in all its forms, can bring to a person’s life.

girl meditating on the beach
Yoga on the pier

These 'healers' have the ability to bring balance and reduce stress, bring healing on all levels, offer a greater capacity for compassion and awareness and offer physical benefits like flexibility, strength, pain reduction or simply a greater ease and comfort in one’s own body. 

Yoga has changed our lives in profound ways and we want to share it as we build a community to share the gratitude, joy and love through practicing together. We believe yoga and a health conscious community should be accessible to all -- regardless of physical limitations, financial limitations or any other limitation.  Many people are hurting in many different ways and it takes courage to step into an unknown and vulnerable place.  Our intention is to create a space that is safe and accessible to all.