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All of our Teachers are experienced in working with all levels and abilities, we are a welcoming and accommodating studio. Here at the YCMB, no one is too big, too small, too poor, too old, too inflexible.  We are about breathing, stretching, strengthening, balancing, aligning, laughing, healing, growing, community, supporting each other, healthy living and so much more...  

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Beginning Yoga  Discover a way to reduce stress, enhance well-being and support a life of balance in these slow sequences of basic yoga poses with a focus on breath and alignment New students welcome!

Building a Practice: Yoga-Breathing-Meditation A class for all levels to help you develop your practice both at the studio and home.  Includes breathing, stretching & strengthening poses and meditation.

Candlelight Yoga:
  A relaxing, restorative antidote to stress. Lights are low, candles set the mood for a calm and restful practice.A gentle practice for all levels to stretch, destress, relax, renew and breathe~ this is the dessert of practices!  Come and enjoy the nurturing, healing and restoration of this practice at the end of the week

Chair Yoga This gentle class offers breathing techniques to help with chronic tension, pain and stress. Gentle exercises  that stretch and strengthen major muscles, offer increased flexibility and range of motion at joints, while decreasing stress, easing pain and improving body awareness. With the aid of a chair (not having to get up and down from the floor) this class is great for Seniors, those with disabilities, those recovering from an injury or illness or anyone who is looking for a gentle option for moving the body and enhancing well being.

Chakra Flow This class will include a gentle yoga flow, hatha poses, breathing (pranayama) and color aroma therapy to awaken your awareness of a different body energy center (chakra) each week.

Flow & Go 1 An intro to the basics of Vinyasa yoga (breath linked to movement). This active class flows at a pace that gives new yogis or those just wanting to stick with the basics the opportunity to begin their yogic journey safely and comfortably. Build strength, calm the mind, de-stress, increase flexibility and find focus in this active series.

Flow & Go 1-2  A level 1-2 Vinyasa (breath linked to movement) class providing more advanced posture options for a more challenging yoga practice. Prepare to breathe, sweat, build core strength, and detoxify while practicing with upbeat, stimulating music!

Flow & Go 2~3 Get ready for a serious endorphin high! In this rigorous intermediate/advanced Vinyasa (breath linked to movement) yoga class,. you will focus on engaging your core strength to support yourself in arm balances, inversions and advanced postures. You will also explore deeper alignment, the importance of breath and challenging Yoga sequences. Set to energizing music, Flow & Go 2-3 strengthens, balances, detoxifies, de-stresses and exhilarates the body and mind.

Flow & Go Community Class
An active all-levels Vinyasa (breath linked to movement).  flow giving all yogis the opportunity to practice at a discount. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace and to customize the flow according to what their body needs. Modifications will be given whenever necessary in order to give each individual the maximum benefit of each pose. A fun, energetic class with upbeat music will build internal heat, engage and build core strength while focusing on alignment and breath.

Flow & Hold 1-2  A combination of the flowing movements of Vinyasa (breath linked to movement) with poses that are held to invite stillness to your practice. A blend of yoga practices that leave you with a sense of divine wellness

*heated room   Some of our flow classes are heated- to around 85+/- degrees for those who love it warm, and love to sweat, we are still working on the logistics of climate control- thank you for your patience

Gentle/Restorative Yoga A class incorporating gentle movements to create circulation, enhance range of motion, support healing combined with restorative, relaxing poses to support balance and unravel chronic tension patterns that lead to dis-ease.

Gentle/Therapeutic Yoga  In this class we will incorporate the therapeutic aspects of yoga-like breathing and gentle movements to help relieve some of the habitual stress patterns that lead to common ailments.  Back issues, shoulder issues, stress, whatever your issues step away from the busy-ness of life and access the deeper wisdom that resides within to support balance and wellness. Particularly effective for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness

Hatha:  Hatha means the physical practice of yoga~ poses, breathing and basic yoga

Hatha Yoga Blend Our teachers bring a creative blend of Hatha styles (Hatha is the physical practice of yoga~ poses and breathing) from a variety of experiences, backgrounds and trainings. These classes include a full spectrum of poses from a variety of styles that will stretch, strengthen, balance, heal and support your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Students are encouraged to listen to their body and allow the yoga to flow from the inside out. An active class suitable for all levels with modifications and advanced pose options. …with Tibetan Bowls the use of sound to enhance the practice…with Essential Oils Green Lotus Essential Oils to enhance the practice

Friday’s Early Morning Yoga with Richard brings a taste of ‘Shadow Yoga’ to the studio- an active class with modifications make it accessible for all levels

Restorative, Restore & More Savor the deep relaxation of this series of classes. Props (supports like cushions and straps) help you relax the body in positions designed to melt away the chronic stress patterns. A variety of teachers bring a variety of tools to unwind after a week of work and reveal wellness options to remember all week long. 

Strengthen & Relax An all-levels therapeutic and nurturing class that incorporates more movement than traditional restorative and some strength building to aid in bringing balance and mobility back to the body. Each class is spent focusing on a particular area (ex. shoulders, back, legs or hips).  Deeply relaxing poses are integrated to bring calm to the mind and body. Class concludes with a brief meditation.

Stretch & Strengthen The body is fully stretched from the neck to the toes. Flowing poses will build heat inviting the body to go deeper.  Holding them will build strength as will playing with strong poses. Finally we will relax with a nurturing relaxation and a brief seated meditation.

Yin Yoga Students are encouraged to relax into the poses (done mostly on the floor) in this gentle class and soften their resistance while using the powerful breathing techniques taught in class to aid the healing process of the practice. A yin practice holds poses longer to target the deeper connective tissues while incorporating eastern philosophy using the meridians of acupuncture and their healing capabilities to structure the sequences. A gentle practice-all welcome!  Yin Blend  The practice of Yin with some standing poses offering both the benefits of a gentle yin practice with more strengthening and movement. 

Community Classes $5 -  a couple of classes a week to make it affordable for everyone!