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Our teachers represent a wide variety of background, skills, and approaches to yoga instruction. Get a glimpse into our backgrounds, then come in and meet us in person!

Jennifer Patterson head shot

Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer, owner of the Yoga Center of Morro Bay, is a teacher, mentor, ongoing student of yoga and life, on a journey to live a mindful life.  Her practices Integrate postural alignment with breath awareness to create a space for self discovery, spaciousness, lightness and ease while offering modifications to make yoga accessible and usable for all bodies, beliefs and people.  On and off the mat, she seeks to uphold the integrity of yoga's philosophy, it's rich history and roots.  Her sunny style brings a practical and non-dogmatic approach to explore the human experience through the poses with curiosity and non-judgement and with the intention of empowering students through personal experience, education and exploration.

 Jennifer has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years, she is a Certified ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Her style is primarily influenced by her trainings in the Iyengar tradition and in Yoga Therapy Training with Doug Keller.  She is also inspired by the anatomy teachings of Leslie Kamanoff, the rich work of yoga therapist Dr Loren Fishman, Donna Farhi and by numerous other teachers who have shared their learning, teachings and love for the practice.She continues to study and practice daily the philosophy of yoga, Ayurveda, anatomy, meditation and yoga in the ever changing bodies and world we live in. “I practice yoga to live the best life I can with the most consciousness available to me today- daily mat time is the most powerful thing I have discovered that offers me that awareness"


You may find her teaching any class, but she loves the gentle, restorative, and basics classes as well as the therapeutic practices

Jennifer's e-mail: yogacentermb@gmail.com
Jennifer's Story: A Note from Jennifer

Angela Bailey

Angela Sarah

Angela Sarah began practicing Yoga in 2000, the year she had her youngest daughter. Angela completed her first 200 hours of YTT at the Mount Madonna center in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the classical Ashtanga style (8 limbed path). Since then, she has been certified in Yin, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga. Angela follows 3 basic principles: Breath, Awareness and Kindness. She believes in a mindful, meditative approach, igniting your own inner teacher and tailoring the practice to your individual needs in this moment. Angela is also a Certified Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Infant Massage Instructor.


Yin Yoga, Communi-TEA Yoga
Angela's e-mail: angelasarahlove@gmail.com
Angela's website: www.angelasarah.com

Michael Graef

Michael Graef

Michael Graef started on his path to health and healing in the early 80's, following a surfing accident and his first visit to a chiropractor. He has been trained in various forms of bodywork -- from deep tissue, Swedish, Ortho Bionomy (works with the nervous system and the joints), Cranial Sacral, and Reiki 1 and 2. He has been a student of esoteric Taoism and Buddhism. Michael has had a yoga practice since '94. From the fall of '09 through the spring of 2011, he studied at Mount Madonna, a yoga community and received a 200 and 500 yoga teacher certification. These teachings are based on classical Ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga  traditions.  He also received a diploma of Ayurveda. which is the sister-science of yoga.


Early Bird Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Gentle/Restorative Yoga, Yoga Basics, Intro to Yoga

Michael's e-mail: surf1949@gmail.com

Tim Costa

Tim Costa

"I believe when you enter the Yoga studio, it becomes a sanctuary. When you come into your practice, you realize the body is the truest temple . The alter of your heart calls for your presence, your breath. I started to practice Yoga in the late 90’s, mainly to help my body recover from injuries of the lower spine and knees. What I started to get out of a regular practice was far beyond just feeling better physically.  I noticed right away I was happier, more patient and felt I had more to give. After completing my 200 hr RYT at Shivananda Vedanta Center, I was encouraged to teach Yoga to some of my drum students, family and friends."

"I have been playing music professionally and teaching percussion for over 20 years.  My studies in music have taken me on several trips to West Africa, as well as Cuba to study at the National School of Folkloric Music in Havana. During my time studying music and dance, the focus has always been on the healing qualities of movement and sound.  I incorporate Tibetan singing bowls and breathing exercises into every class.  I am full of gratitude to be a part of this studio, this community.   I hope to help encourage and inspire all to know Yoga as a way to realize the true qualities of Self. See you on the mat.  Aloha, Namaste, Om."


Drum Yoga

Amanda Sarabalis

Ananda Saribilis

Ananda Saribilis believes in making yoga accessible for every-body regardless of age, flexibility or athletic ability. She has experienced, first hand, the power yoga holds to open and renew the mind, body and spirit. After years of playing high school and colligate sports, yoga provided Ananda the chance to heal and revive her body in a calm, non-competitive environment. Ananda was eager to share her love yoga after graduating from Cal Poly in 2010, she earned her 200hr Teaching Certification with Malachai Melachi. Ananda's classes blend breath awareness with gentle flowing sequences, strengthening, and restorative pose. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or looking deepen your regular practice, her classes will leave you feeling connected, centered and revived.

Rachel Hines

Rachel Duncan

If there has been one thing in my life that has brought me peace of mind and happiness, it is yoga. Growing up in the Sierra Nevadas, I have always been an advocate of health and movement and yoga fits perfectly into these aspects of my life

Yoga is a wonderful tool that helps us become acutely aware of our bodies so we can learn where we need more balance, stability and flexibility. I love how the physical practice of yoga goes so deep that it starts to trickle into the heart and soul, letting you open up in ways that you never could have imagined. 

If it weren't for yoga, I would be a completely different person than who I am today. I found it as a confused teenager in high school and it helped ground me and let me see my Self for who I truly am. Since then, I have incorporated yoga into my weekly routine, exploring different styles throughout my college years. 

Since going through Yoga Centre's Teacher Training in 2012, I have become passionate about sharing the beautiful subtleties of yoga.  In my classes, my main focus is on alignment to help keep every body safe as we balance, strengthen and stretch so you come out of class with a heightened awareness of your mind and body and an elevated feeling of well being.

Namaste, Rachel

Sophia Longas

Maria Elsea

Maria fell in love with yoga in 2002 and took her first yoga teacher training in 2003. She takes a non-dogmatic approach that is based in both science and tradition. She loves to teach an eclectic mix of Vinyasa Flow Yoga (flowing breath with movement), static and alignment-based postures, and surrendered stretching. Maria’s thirteen-year background as a Massage Therapist specializing in injury care and prevention has fostered a focus on the subtle nuances of proper alignment and body-mechanics (bio-mechanics). 

This has helped her to develop specific communication techniques to help others manifest these alignment principles “into” their bodies. Beyond the physical aspects of asana practice, Maria believes that yoga is an excellent facilitator of connecting to one’s inner life. She focuses much of her teaching on the dynamic dance between discipline and play, while staying within the boundaries of rigidity and recklessness.

Maria holds a RYT-200 (Yoga Alliance) and has taught thousands of hours of yoga. She has had many teachers, both sung and unsung, including: Brook Boon, Jason Crandell, Seane Korn, Tymi Howard, Stephanie Adams, Ena Sorenson, and our very own Rachael Duncan. In addition to her yoga credentials, Maria holds a Bachelors of Arts in music from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, is a California State Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC), a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Since selling her wellness center in 2014, she spends her time enjoying life with her family and friends, practicing massage therapy part-time, reading, and teaching yoga.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Sophia Longas

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose has been practicing Yoga for 20 years and teaching for 15 years while having 5 children. She has experienced many teachers and had the opportunity to participate in the Interdisciplinary Teacher Training in Nosara Costa Rica in 2001 for her 200hr Yoga Certification. There she learned many gentle movements to open up all areas of the body as well as Vinyasa Flow style sequences. Jessica has also been using and selling therapeutic grade essential oil blends for 12 years and loves to share these in her classes. Please join Jessica every Thursday evening at 5:15 for some self care.

Sophia Longas

Laura Lalita

Laura began her journey with yoga seven years ago, when she quickly discovered the therapeutic effects of the practice. Shortly after, she dedicated herself to working in a healing and teaching capacity through yoga. In 2011 she gained her 200 CYT certification through Sivanada, a traditional Hatha based training and began teaching. She has enjoyed practicing and teaching many styles of yoga over the years including restorative, therapeutic yoga, gentle and hatha flow. In 2015 she continued her studies in vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, gaining another 100 hour certification. Her current practice combines elements of primarily vinyasa, hatha yoga and breath-work. Her classes tend to be strengthening, invigorating, and are highly movement and breath based. She offers opportunities for intermediate level students to mindfully challenge and advance their practice as well as options and modifications for those working at a strong beginner level.

Sophia Longas

Mashelle Owens

I'm Mashelle Owens, a charter student of the Living Yoga Teacher Training here at Yoga Center of Morro Bay. Having had a multitude of experiences in my childhood, I found escape through my time on many mini tours as a professional golfer. When I realized through multiple injuries being on tour was more then achieving an end result of winning trophies or being a champion, I stopped playing tournament golf and found yoga. Through yoga, I have felt vulnerability, self love, a willingness to let go of judgement, calmness with the breath, a voice that often shakes while speaking my truths and  being comfortable in my skin- no matter the situation. These feelings plus a love of pranayama (breath), alignment, anatomical importance, Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) are what I would love to share with you on the mat, in a safe manner suited for you're body.  See you on the mat.

Email: mashelleowens@me.com  Instagram:  mashellenoodles


Heather Franchino

Heather’s journey with yoga began in 2011 when her three passions of science, wellness, and philosophy inevitably led her to the yoga studio. A strong desire for understanding truth and spreading peace, Heather left her professional career teaching high school science in New York in search of a community where she could learn and grow as a newly emerging yoga teacher. 

Traveling and camping across the country Heather came to find a new home among the rolling, open hills and wild, pristine stretches of beaches that encompass the central coast of California. Since arriving in California, Heather has completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification program studying with Jennifer Bobbitt at Yoga Centre, San Luis Obispo. Upon completion of her program Heather has been pursuing her dream of sharing yoga with people of every age and ability level by leading classes in vinyasa, gentle, yin, kids, restorative, chair, and haha yoga. Heather hopes to continue to deepen her studies into the healing abilities of yoga and spirituality by immersing herself in a professional yoga therapist certification program. When not in the yoga studio Heather enjoys exploring her new home, hiking, camping, learning about drought tolerant plants, gardening, and immersing herself in the diverse landscapes that encompass our special area. 

“I firmly believe yoga has something for everyone. Yoga has a distinct way of bringing lightness to areas of heaviness in our lives. A thoughtful, reflective, consistent yoga practice not only heals us from the inside out but it also helps us better relate and identify with the world around us. By exploring and creating a better relationship with ourselves, we in turn have a better relationship with others. The implications of self-healing and self-love are further reaching than we could ever possibly imagine."

Email: Heathers Email


Kelley Treiber

In 2008, I moved to the Central Coast to attend school at Cal Poly, and was fortunate to stumble upon yoga just a few years after. It was then that yoga first became an integral part of my self-discovery process, and the awareness and understanding that develop through yoga continues to inspire and feed my devotion to my practice and to the practices of my students. I wholeheartedly believe that conscious breath and movement are indispensable tools on the journey towards self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance; thus, in my classes I hope to assist each student to cultivate and explore a deepening attention to one’s own inward experience. My teaching is infused with the playfulness and sense of curiosity essential for self-examination, but also emphasizes the importance of acceptance and surrender—in both yoga and in life!